Ailments: Overweight-Obesity

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"You are what you eat."
Paraphrased fm. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin and Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

"Always consider the source of advice and the motivation behind it!"



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  • Age, environment, eating habits, activity levels, gender, genetics, drug intake, and sickness all play roles in weight gain
  • Characterized by carrying an unhealthy body weight in the form of too much body fat proportionally -- typically 20% or more above normal weight
  • Measured in various ways, but BMI is most common where:
    • 18.5 - 24.9 is normal
    • 25 - 29.9 is overweight
    • 30 - 34.9 is obese (level 1)
    • 35 - 39.9 is obese (level 2)
    • over 40 is morbidly obese
    • Note: athletes shift BMI higher as muscle weighs more than fat
  • Can be effectively treated by dietary and lifestyle modification






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